Peppermint Headache Soother

Peppermint Headache Soother


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After many requests for a roll-on to help with headaches, the Peppermint Headache Soother is born. Peppermint has been found in several recent studies to reduce headache pain by relaxing muscles and interfering with pain messages being sent to the brain. Roll onto temples, points of skull at base, and muscles at the nape of the neck.

Essential oil of peppermint also helps to “clear your head” mentally and have a brighter outlook (which we can all use when a headache is involved). The blue tint comes from chamomile essential oil which also contributes to it’s calming qualities. 10 ml bottle with rollerball top.

Ingredients: Peppermint essential oil, coconut oil, peppermint extract and german chamomile essential oil.

10 ml roll-on bottle: $12.00
1 oz. refill bottle: $28.00

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1 oz. refill bottle, 10 ml roll-on bottle