Welcome to the Elfin Herb Farm

Elfin Herb Farm SignElfin Herb Farm products are prepared by hand in Los Osos, CA. Each one features an herb we grow plus other local and organic ingredients. Our products are 100% natural, created with the help of plants and bees. We are also a solar powered business.

The Elfin Herb Farm products of today, are the result of 25 years of growing, preparing and using these delightful plants. The burst of invigorating scent and vivid colors of fresh herbs is not an experience we’re willing to relinquish to a machine, so by-hand techniques are the rule here.

Elfin Herb Farm Rose

When deciding on ingredients to create a product, the first one is a fresh, local herb. Next are more still-derived ingredients such as carefully distilled hydrosols and essential oils. Our goal is to create products full of natural color, scent and herbal nourishment for the skin.

Elfin Herb Farm products are available to order online here and our Etsy shop.