About Elfin Herb Farm

Our Products Our Products

Elfin Herb Farm products are created from our own recipes using simple, fresh ingredients. Each ingredient is researched carefully for safety, historical use, scientific studies and environmental effects of harvesting & processing. The colors you see are the plants’ colors and the scents you smell are the plants’ scents. We use no artificial colors or fragrances.

Our products are therapeutic because they contain fresh herbs and carefully distilled essential oils. We package them in dark bottles and jars to block out direct light which causes oxidation and reduces effectiveness.

We make all of our herbal remedies in our pine workshop called the Stillroom. Here, they’re also bottled, labeled and shipped to you by the Thompson family.

Our Beginnings Our Beginnings

Some have wondered, what does “Elfin” in our name mean? We’re near a natural preserve called the Elfin Forest in Los Osos, California. It’s a 90-acre preserve filled with coast live oaks that are hundreds of years old, but small (elfin) in size. For an herb farm, we’re small too, so Elfin Herb Farm became our name in September 2002.

The roots of the Elfin Herb Farm began 20 years ago as Staci planted an apothecary garden for making herbal remedies for her newborn son and family. As the number of people she made the remedies for grew, so did the gardens. Today, we have many varieties of herbs to choose from for our products.

The herbs are hand tended using organic methods and following patterns in nature. This way we have high yields and use our land as efficiently as possible.

Our Herbalist

Our Herbalist

I’m Staci Thompson, the founder and resident herbalist of the Elfin Herb Farm. I have a B.S. in Environmental & Systematic Biology from Cal Poly, S.L.O. This gave me a good start on the botany and chemistry of herbs.

Our Herbalist

I also have a certificate in aromatherapy from the American College of Health Sciences (390 hour program). This specialized area of herbal medicine taught me the therapeutic and clinical use of essential oils.

The desire to improve my family’s health has given me the reason to put my knowledge and experience to use. And in doing so, I hope to help others along the way.

My education continues through classes at the College of Botanical Healing Arts, outings with local herbalists and botanists and from growing the herbs themselves.