5 Liter Copper Column Alembic Still


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Handcrafted in Southern Europe and a traditional tool used for 100’s of years to make hydrosols, also known as floral waters, and essential oils. Rosewater and witch hazel are the two floral waters most people are familiar with. Fresh flowers from your garden (or farmers’ market) can be used or dried botanicals including spices. These floral waters and essential oils can be used in misters, lotions, creams, aftershaves and soaps.

Tradition and beauty aren’t the only reasons for making a still from copper. It also conducts heat well, improves scent and reduces bacterial contamination. The pot has been soldered and riveted which adds extra durability. The handles are brass. The lead free solder meets federal safety standards. An electric or gas heat source can be used to heat the pot portion. The condenser has 3 outlets, which gives you the option of cooling the condenser with ice or circulating cold water with a hose.

The 5L column alembic still is for those who want the option of distilling plants in the water (hydrodistillation) or above the water (steam distillation). There is a temperature gage built in. Metal arms add stability when using the column. It also has a copper sieve plate that sits in the bottom of the pot to help keep flowers or fruit from scorching. This still’s dimensions are 22″ length x 12″ deep x 25″ tall (with the column on) and 18.5″ tall (without the column on).

This is one of the most versatile types of alembic stills. We use this style at the Elfin Herb Farm. Detailed instructions are included to get you started in the ancient craft of distilling the “souls of flowers”.